Wordle Limericks


Marshall S Flam MD

The internet game Wordle got its claim to fame after being bought by the New York Times in 2022. Today, millions still play it. Like many word games, it has lit a spark of literary creativity in many (including the author of this book).

Curious to see what’s inside?

Wordle Limericks is a compilation of 603 limericks based on the first 401 daily Wordle words. The nature of the limericks is varied, including humorous, historical, scientific, mathematical, literary, political, grammatical, psychological, musical, medical, classical bawdy, and many other categories.

For the more esoteric limericks and those intended to educate, footnotes are provided. These are not your traditional obscene limericks but educational, amusing interesting limericks intended to titillate and educate.

The motto of this book is “Laugh & Learn.” Tables are provided that allow the reader to search for one or more of the 33 categories of limericks as well as related limericks of a particular subject.

A historical review of the limerick and of Wordle is provided in the introductory chapters. As there are 2,315 five-letter words in the English language, eight volumes are planned.


Wordle Word #0 CIGAR 19 June 2021:
Bill Clinton certainly got very far
Only few could achieve on his par
But the Lewinsky scandal
Proved more than he could handle
He had no clue what to do with a cigar

Wordle Word #93 GAMMA 20 September 2021
I do not know what to say
After being struck by a gamma ray
While exploring outer space
I will soon have to be replaced
For very soon I will start to decay
(All of me except my toupee)

Wordle Word #388 NIGHT 12 July 2022
When the sun sinks out of site
Shortly later it is night
Nocturnal animals hunt and peep
Diurnal one go to sleep
That reverses at dawn’s early light

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